Inclusivity and empowerment for all students

About Stef

Hi, I’m Stefanie Warner, and I am running to be your next Grand Marshal! I am a fourth-year student in the School of Architecture, minoring in Business Marketing and Sustainability Studies. I grew up on Long Island, NY, where the bagels are to die for and the accents are entertaining. Throughout my life, I have played softball, basketball, and volleyball, and I played on the RPI Softball Team for a year. Photography has also served as a creative outlet for me, and is part of the reason why I chose to pursue a career in Architecture. Contrary to belief, I do not live in the Greene Building. Instead, I spend most of my freetime within our Union, attending meetings, throwing ideas around, or just hanging with friends at the Clubhouse Pub. I have a knack for sarcasm, but an even more impressive skill set in standing up for what I believe in and what I believe to be fair.

Currently, I serve as the Student Government Communications Committee (SGCC) Chairperson. This committee acts as the bridge of information between Student Government and the student body. We, as a committee, strive to deliver information in the most palatable and efficient way while focusing on ease of access. In past years, SGCC has not been as productive and effective as it has the potential to be. My committee and I have progressed SGCC to a point where we are efficiently delivering information to the student body in as many forms as possible. By designing templates and graphic standards, we have mitigated any possibility that SGCC will return to the uneffective form that it began as during the beginning of my term as the Chairperson. It is my hope that SGCC will run at its full potential for many terms to come.

For the past year, I have also been serving as an Independent Senator. As Independent Senator, it is my responsibility to represent and speak on behalf of non-greek students. As a senator, I try to voice my constituents opinions as frequently as possible. As a student in a niche major, hoping to progress RPI in terms of inclusivity and diversity, I feel obligated and proud to represent and speak on behalf of students who do not share the opinion of majority.

I believe that, as your next Grand Marshal, I will be able to foster an environment where the students, no matter what groups they identify with, will feel safe, well represented, and included. My platform revolves around key focuses that I will prioritize throughout my term.