Campus Involvements

During my time here at RPI, I have had had the honor and privilege of participating in a variety of campus activities, including athletics, Union clubs and academic organizations. These experiences include:

  • Earning a position on the RPI Softball Team as an infielder and catcher, traveling, training and practicing with a team of dedicated and passionate women;
  • Fulfilling the role of secretary for the Architecture Athlete Mentoring Program;
  • Acting as Secretary and Director of Public Relations for the 2018 Class Council;
  • Serving as Senate-Undergraduate Council Liaison, keeping the two bodies appraised of each others actions and activities;
  • Fulfilled the role of President for the RPI chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students; and
  • Working as a photographer for the Union, capturing events and activities for club, marketing, social media, and historical use.

Student Government Communications Committee

As chairperson of the Student Government Communications Committee, I have had the opportunity to guide the committee through the following accomplishments:

  • Leading the initiative to mainstream information from all bodies of student government (Student Senate, Executive Board, Judicial Board, Undergraduate Council, and Graduate Council);
  • Redefining the committee’s definition to reflect the committee’s new and efficient operational model;
  • Creating templates to aid committee chairs and student government leaders in making quick and easy-to-read information and updates from committees and meetings;
  • Advertising the efforts of committees and current projects to keep students updated, obtain feedback on projects, and to motivate students to get involved;
  • Creating and distributing monthly reports where information about all the happenings of student government are outlined and displayed in a palatable way;
  • Establishing and maintaining a consistent stream of self-generated content for social media, including Troy Tuesdays, Flashback Fridays, Student Government Highlight Saturdays, and Suggestion Sundays;
  • Assisting in the advertising and planning of Town Hall Meetings to help better inform the student body;
  • Kicking off the school year with information and updates on each Senate committee to inform new students who may be looking for ways to get involved; and
  • Spearheaded the effort with the Union Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee to design a new Union logo that was built, chosen, and voted on by students.