Graduate Student Interests

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Masters and doctoral students play an irreplaceable role on our campus, both by mentoring students and supplementing our faculty as teaching assistants and through their contributions to humanity as research assistants, and their rights and interests are of paramount importance to student rights.

As Grand Marshal, I will:

  • Invite the Graduate Council to contribute questions for the annual Student Senate survey to query graduate student feedback on a large scale;
  • Push for higher graduate student involvement in Senate committees, especially for projects that more directly affect those students;
  • Expand the role of the Graduate Council report at Senate meetings to provide normalized opportunities for presentations on Graduate Council priorities;
  • Advocate for the addition of more elected Graduate Student positions within the legislative body, granting the Graduate Student community more of an opportunity to participate and represent their constituents within the Student Senate; and
  • Charge committee chairs with emphasizing graduate student interests and priorities when pursuing projects and collaborating with graduate senators to ensure their perspectives are utilized in project development.