Inclusivity & Diversity

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Throughout my four years at RPI, I have watched the RPI community become increasingly polarizing. I believe that we have not been given the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of community and inclusivity that we so desperately need.

As Grand Marshal, I will:

  • Establish an equal distribution of opportunities for Student Government positions by ensuring applications for positions are more readily available and reach a larger demographic of students;
  • Offer training sessions for all Student Government representatives on inclusivity and diversity in order to ensure that our student leaders are conscious of the community being fostered at RPI;
  • Create a subcommittee within the Student Life Committee that is focused on student safety and inclusivity across campus through the use of events and gatherings;
  • Build upon past efforts and collaborate with the Registrar to finalize the implementation of preferred names across campus by the conclusion of the fall semester;
  • Advocate for a “safety survey” to be handed out at the start of each course that would ask for preferred names, pronouns, and other identity items to ensure that every students feels safe within their academic environment;
  • Push for athletic inclusivity by focusing on raising school spirit and pride and sense of community among the RPI student body.