Student Rights

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RPI was established to foster the growth of its students, and I believe that this growth stems from the rights and responsibilities that all students are granted to empower every student, which the Institute should be expected to uphold the moment they enroll.

As Grand Marshal, I will:

  • Advocate for revisions to the Good Samaritan Policy in the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities to ensure that no student fears calling for emergency services;
  • Pursue the removal of mandatory minimum sanctions from the Handbook to allow for appeal boards the ability to make judgments on a case-by-case basis instead of being bound to a bare minimum judgment;
  • Advocate and collaborate with the Institute, city, and state officials on the creation of drug and alcohol amnesty policies for students who proactively seek out rehabilitation and recovery resources;
  • Promote the rollback of the off-campus jurisdiction policy in the Handbook to remove unnecessary oversight over matters not pertaining to the Institute campus or student life; and
  • Advocate for the approval and necessary involvement of the Student Senate prior to the implementation of changes to the Handbook.