I’m running for Grand Marshal because I believe that RPI has the potential to be a more diverse and inclusive community. My platform revolves around the following key focuses that I will prioritize throughout my term.

Student Rights

RPI was established to foster the growth of its students, and I believe that this growth stems from the rights and responsibilities that all students are granted to empower every student, which the Institute should be expected to uphold the moment they enroll.

A Student-Run Union

Over the past 128 years, the Rensselaer Union has stood as a beacon of opportunity and accomplishment for generations of students. Students are the reason why our Union has flourished and been increasingly successful.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from an arial view

Throughout my four years at RPI, I have watched the RPI community become increasingly polarizing. I believe that we have not been given the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of community and inclusivity that we so desperately need.

Wellness & Safety

Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center

I believe that every member of the community is entitled to feel safe during our time here at RPI. It is important to create an environment in which students feel that their needs and wants are being heard and that they are well-represented by the elected senators.

Graduate Student Interests

Center for Biotechnology nd Interdisciplinary Studies

Masters and doctoral students play an irreplaceable role on our campus, both by mentoring students and supplementing our faculty as teaching assistants and through their contributions to humanity as research assistants, and their rights and interests are of paramount importance to student rights.

Relationship with Administration

Being able to communicate and further RPI as a whole in conjunction with the administration is vital. It is important that the students and the administration are on the same page to further RPI in any and all aspects. This positive relationship can be built on the constructive common interest of benefitting RPI.